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SCC6B SCC6BT 5 Submersible Borehole Pumps Submersible Borehole Pump

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A borehole is a thin vertical hole in the ground and borehole pumps are used to extract water from the hole. Borehole pumps are commonly used for pressure boosting, domestic water supplies, wells, irrigation systems, and a range of other industrial applications. Submersible multistage pumps are the best suited for this purpose.

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Submersible borehole pumps are a type of submersible pump.They are centrifugal pumps driven by a submersible motor.As they usually draw in the fluid directly without a suction line, they must constantly be submerged in the fluid handled.

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At Anchor Pumps, we offer an extensive range of high-quality borehole and well pumps at affordable prices. All our well pump systems are from top brands, ensuring that we deliver only the best in

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UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps stand for high operating reliability and low energy costs. KSB AG UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps are suitable for well diameters from 150 millimetres (six inches). They can be installed either vertically in narrow deep wells or in horizontal position. Applications of KSB’s UPA 150C submersible borehole

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The Submersible Pump is made of High Quality Materials and is fitted with a Float Switch for Run Dry Protection. Borehole Pumps For water supply from wells or reservoir, for domestic use, civil and industrial applications, for Garden use and irrigation

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Nov 09, 2017· Submersible borehole pumps“Wilo is a world leading manufacturer with a presence in over 80 countries and a total staff of over 8,200 worldwide. They offer the best prices and their pumps are long lasting with 6 to 7 years silence; plus they reduce power by 5%,” he added.

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